Petaluma, California’s Potential Klan Members/Alt Right and Their Visitors From Near and Far

Tips for Targets abound. Another Target said that s/he had noticed two of letters or numbers on plates.

See the huge list below. Notice any patterns or “tells”?

Notice, I say potential. I can only say that wherever I go in a vehicle there are a preponderance of cars that share certain features. Statistically speaking (if one could actually do a more or less valid study) – statistically speaking, the number of different personalized plates, out of state vehicles, plates with 6’s and 9’s, double 7’s, double 8’s, Maito Sacramento Car dealership, Fito’s, Tony’s Toys and Trucks, Out West Garage, triple letters, triple numbers, 3 car stickers, or two car stickers with another tell, hibiscus flowers and anything Hawaiian, Oregon O’s, NOR CAL, California map, California grizzly or another bear, German looking lettering, damaged cars, fake damaged cars, clusters of 3 stickers, shiny/sparkly plate frame, anything related to America and apple pie (mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, families in rows, Keep Tahoe Blue (true blue, so keep it white), dog or something hanging from a rear view mirror (cross, Christmas tree air freshener – took me a LONG time – nothing more German than a Christmas tree), the Christian Fish, religious references on plates, frames, stickers, the blue sticker with equals I believe means not equal the Hillary arrow (if you take that bumper sticker apart you get not equal)., kitty references (dog IS God), frogs (Pepe the frog unfortunately), triangles, Changes made to plates (part of a letter missing, letters/numbers painted over using a slightly different shade of blue, part of the car logo missing or part of a piece of logo missing, part of the plastic plate frame missing, a plate frame that is not standard (palm trees, skulls, cat or dog prints, chains, other metal designs, FOX OR FOX logo – fox, logo, Yin Yang, COEXIST, triangles in circles, a few here and there communicating on flip phones, Highway or freeway stickers (which are shields), shields, antennae decorations, Disney anything, phones, a lot of illegal phone use (looks like texting) after I pass, a HUGE number of very white Caucasians with brunette’s and black haired Italians thrown in, hard or impossible to read plates, cars with parking lights on, cars completely covered with stickers and sometimes outrageous gear – filled completely with junk – COMPLETELY- except for the driver’s or driver/passenger seat, stickers that have X’s or crossed swords/hammers, possibly X’s on plates (more centered? Out of state), zombies references, AAA stickers (three on one vehicle)?, and more. Certain radio station ??call numbers- a popular one is country music.

Some vehicles from my day: January 20, 2018. I don’t have the time to select which pic is clearest, so pardon the duplicates.

Sort of a loose criteria: 8 an 8 or 7 and 7; 6,9,6 ‘s in threes, banged in or taped, dirty plates, BMW’s, VW’s, Cars From dealerships or areas or repair shops that I keep seeing (Maito’s or? Sacramento, Sarramonte), just because, if it’s odd to be parked somewhere, three sticker, or two stickers and another Tell or? Bent plates

I might take a pic of a car, then take pics of stickers or close ups of plate frames.

Tell if seen with something else: alma mater plate frames and stickers are big.

Above is Safeway Near Pongos and thereabouts. Following is Sports’s bar over to Kohl’s. Think ANL Near Pongo’s.

Yes. Most, if not all of these “Tells” can exist on non KKK/Alt Right Vehicles, But I should not be seeing these sometimes innocuous symbols in the numbers I do. Harley Davidson can just be a Harley Davidson fan. But, when you see Good ol’ Harley on the same vehicle three times or with two other stickers it COULD be a KKK vehicle. The Anti Defamation League site is a good reference. HOWEVER, this site cautions that symbols used in KKK context often are old symbols used by older groups – some MUCH older.

However, Charlottesville also brought to the foreground that the KKK is currently known to: take innocuous symbols to use as “tells” (like in poker – what gives someone away).

That last one? Really? Who bothers to paint “dust” on a plate? Someone saying, “Hey, I am a fellow racist”! Or someone going along with trying to throw someone’s psyche off balance or helping it look like the whole world consists of these “poor little white me” (many who a VERY well off, by the look of their cars and REALLY expensive SO CAL and Marin locations. Oops south Orange County specifically Mission Viejo this last time). Or haven’t the self employed and/or blue collar people noticed this? Oh, I think some people keep a junker car around (under a cover, or in a garage, or parked on the side, at a friends’ house or on their acreage, in a “car bank” for check out – Near OSH, Petaluma).

WHY????!!!! – was I singled out. Boy did I ask myself that every day from mid October 2012 until August 31, 2013 (incapacitated, then a broken ankle and living on the brink) AND from mid October 2016 until recently. Well, I think I had been accused of something years ago. During the aftermath, I believe a Deputy Sheriff or two could not believe they were w-r-on-g. Nope. Also, I had witnessed a very rudimentary form of the more tech savvy gaslighting of today. 2012, a personal “grudge” (mild term), and the powers from spring 1997 joined forces and thought I would go down. Wrong. So, here I am. I could be wrong, but I am not.

7 plus 3 plus 4. Shows a crazy level of something.

The yellow and green sticker is for a group called Heralds – people who like to reenact, fight, do crafts, cook like peoples from the Middle Ages.

There IS a sophisticated, somewhat loose/somehow connected group of people here there and everywhere who have a KKK/Alt Right agenda.

88 stand for HH which means Heil Hitler. 7,7 and possibly other numbers which add up to 14 stand for a 14 word “creed” to which these ignoramuses believe. Those who may not completely agree with the association to the KKK -I think what almost all have in common is that creed.

Silhouettes – readers, soccer players, dancers. Mostly ladies. Certain type of lady? Ugh. How boring.

This has to be a record.

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