Tip for Targets: When You Have Eliminated the Possible, Whatever…..

Sherlock Holmes: When you have eliminated the possible, whatever remains, however impossible, must be the truth.

Last evening, I came home and, as usual, ran into one of the ladies from the apartment across the way. As usual, Little Miss Sunshine offered to help me with my bags. I declined her offer. Too much offering going around. I have always believed that you should do things for yourself if you can. I have students who ask me to go get things for them. Geez! Besides, the more I do the better off I am. I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. If not, I will ask someone else or make 20 trips rather accept help from Gangstalkers.

I went back down and Little Miss Sunshine had gone out for a smoke. So she is heading back my way and gets to the stairs before I did. Good. I will wait until she goes in. I wait, then head up the stairs. Up she comes behind me talking on her phone. At this stage of the game, it took me a second to KNOW that the only thing that could have happened was that she did not go up the stairs. I saw her go towards the stairs but she went under the stairs. She probably went into the apartment under mine as the lady downstairs is a Gangstalker and Alt Right I expect.

That was the ONLY possible answer. So, if you are a target, what happens is smoke and mirrors. Whatever group that is illegally stalking you is trying to make your mind Twist a tad with these events. Just remember- they are human beings doing magic tricks. Choose a Boggart that you can laugh at. I chose ants scurrying out of their holes. Each has a job to do. When I get behind them, they hop away like a bunny, hoping that I will not get a record of their plate in one form or another. I am the best I think. Using my phone with limited capabilities. I am good!

After sleeping/dozing al day until 3:30, it is late. My clock is off, but not to worry. It is easily reset. N

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