Tip for Targets: Don’t Trust Anybody!

Neighbors. In my old neighborhood with houses, I had known some of my neighbors for years. I trusted them and that was great! Two ladies listened.

I was going through a contentious divorce. I now live at Capri Creek in Petaluma, California. Trust my neighbors? I think Not!

For example, across the way is Miss. …….. trying to think of my non flattering nick name.

Her mother, oldest daughter, friend, and possibly husband have participated in “stalking” in one form or another. I am putting physical gaslighting under Stalking. Most of their activities have included gaslighting type activities.

Oh, I did trust neighbors more or less before the outside construction and the turn over of people who lived here. The population is much whiter than it used to be. Let’s just say that the people in my family have made it fairly easy to say that I am probably a Western European mutt. However, NO ONE really knows for sure.


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