Harassment at Luchessi Park

I don’t see my famous post on the vile Frisbee group that I had up. I’m sure that it is there. But where? I had gone to Luchessi Park in Petaluma, California for peace and quite – to eat – something I had purchased from Trader Joe’s.

Immediately, I saw a lot of cars with very few people. I took a picture of a car and a car owner gave me a hard time, but he left. Later he came back – supposedly with some fellow Ultimate Frisbee Players. Nope, this was an opportune moment – they thought. Having parked their cars to participate in Gang Stalking in pairs, they had to “rescue” them, prevent me from taking pictures and then harassment became the ultimate job.

That was my sweep of the park and lots. The one in the front. Yeah. The one on the side? There was a group at the covered picnic area. I believe it was a Latino/Hispanic family. Other than that, hardly a soul in site. I looked. There is a nine hole Disc Golf site.


Take a gander at that white SUV. It appears later in the story.

Here are the rude dudes and company. They start coming up towards these cars and taking possession of them. They have these Frisbee Golf carts. Not all of them. Wouldn’t you have your own cart if you were playing. See the baby of the group sitting in his stroller.

This was the evening of July 4, 2017. I was questioned by this couple who told me that it was against the law to stand in the middle of a road. Either they or the guy in the truck or gal – white SUV or one of the idiots above called the police and said that they was a lady (gee, the description fit me) who was acting drunk in the part. Okay officer. He could tell that I was fine – reading my book and eating. He left.

Why does the one man have the frisbee so that it covers his face this whole time? Minister? Doctor? What?

One person – me. Being taunted by a fairly good sized group. Pictures taken and verbal barbs. Bother me? Nope.

Where have I seen that white SUV before? This is one time when I wonder if the person in that vehicle is running the show. The puppet meister.


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