1-18-18 A Date and KKK Trifecta – Three Cars From Texas? Target Tip

Targets – some down to the metal silver look is actually pain.

I was at Kaiser in Rohnert Park driving on the north side of the building when this truck with added yellow lights is behind me. Close. I turn right driving along the back of the building and turn on my flashers so this truck will go around. It did and then stopped. If that isn’t stalking then I don’t know what is.

That plate is about as KKK as you can get. Heil on the left and Hitler on the right. 666 in the middle. This is from Kaiser back to work, then to North Petaluma Blvd. but left to Redwood Highway. Right on McDowell and next – Lagunitas on the left. Ah – Beer in America, but beer is associated with Germany. What better way to gather with some fellow Alt Rights than at a gathering in a beer garden.

? New Jersey. A Jeep from New Jersey. I think this is the one. Must be.

The tilted truck is because of the tilted plate. A Gang Stalking Tell.

That Hyundai with the California? Yep. It looks familiar, but have I posted it before?

I HAVE seen it. Recently. I looked at the plate. I remembered how it had three 7’s but had DIS for Disneyland.

Leaving Lagunitas country

Now at Safeway East Country

The triangle, the Oakland Raiders, the wheels! Have not seen too many wheels like that.

Heil Hitler or hate,hate. When it is a trifecta it is hate,hate, hate.

Targets – look at the car above. Some of the down to the metal look is made by paint. Don’t be afraid to check one out. If it’s in a public place you can look

Continuing and finishing 1-18-18

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