Psychopathic Alt Right On MLK Day – How Many People Saw a Mail Truck Yesterday?

To down town around 11 and cars near front of Parking Structure. Hmmmm.


Busy day! Is that real damage to that car, or fake?

It was a busy day, and too many of you – from all over?

Off to lunch at Washington and McDowell

Cars at parking garage. Knew I was coming via my phone, so they park near where I have to pass if I am in the garage. Expecting different results. Targets, they will not stop. Right versus might! Might as well fight! Groan. Just happened.

Classic Wild and Wacky Cars Of Sonoma County. Primer, panels a different color etc. Hey, I have been to more than a few junkyards in my time. Great for car parts! Big Whoop Dee Doo!

Quest. You have passed me by on the 101 when I have been going to work.

How many cars on MLK Jr. birthday. THAT was a brave man! Wise. Wish many more would follow his lead. Well, they do, then the out of Towners join in. Hey, I had a wild thought about the Out Of towners. Nah.

How about Cesar Chavez? We boycotted certain lettuce as I recall. Si, se puede!!!!

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