Cotati, California – The Store at the Core (geographically) of the Alt Right

It’s not the Hoosier, it’s the style of print. Germanic looking. I think this guy said he was not from around here. My point exactly. Why would someone who is not from around here go to the Safeway on Sonoma Mountain Parkway in Petaluma, California? Look at a map. They wouldn’t. Their GPS would not take them there. Get off the 101 and you go to Raley’s or Lucky’s. Off at Washington, Raley’s or Sprouts, Trader Joe’s or the OTHER Safeway. Off at 116 or come down the 116 and there is Lucky’s or Sprouts or Safeway or Raley’s. I forgot Trader Joe’s. If you got off at North Petaluma Blvd. and typed in Grocery stores it would show that Safeway and you might choose that one. For freeway access you would choose another. Or not. Anyway, the odds of ending up at THAT Safeway are not great. Yet, I bet a lot of the cars that go to Safeway these days, are not from Petaluma. That Safeway.

Oliver’s in Cotati. First, I need to say that this is one store where I have not had bags of chicken sliced open along the bottom. Trader Joe’s. I have not had a checker in line follow me or be directed to Trader Joe’s from Sprouts. Have not had an item taken out of my cart only to be placed back in my cart right before I was ready to pay. Sprouts, I think. Who owns Sprouts? In Petaluma and Fullerton it just seems weird. Not so much in Corona.

So, Oliver’s store and employees. So far so good. They do own the store. However. Since I have worked over that way, it seems to be the Cotati gathering place for the Alt Right/KKK. Seriously. Go in that lot on a school day and look around. If you see two stickers on a car, look for the third. Look for anything that makes an X cross. Cross of the KKK. Can look for plates that have two 7’s or two 8’s, but how crazy is that. 14 is the number of words in the KKK’s favorite slogan. 8 stands for H so HH is? Heil Hitler. Hail Hitler. Sounds so God Like. Oh, he thought he was God. 666 for some weird reason. Can be made with 666, or a 9. What does two 3’s mean?

Oh hell! The Anti Defamation League is THE place to go to find out about all the “secret society” crap of the KKK. MY Language. Ku Klux Krap. Stay with me. 33 means 3 times 11 – I think. 11 in “Most Basic Code Of 12 Year Olds” is K – 3, K’s stands for the KKK

I read this a while back. Now 336 is truly stupid. 33 is KKK while the 6 stand for the 6th era. Though some holdouts insist it is 335. 5th era. Okay. KKK started 12/24/1865 when a group of Scottish men got together. The South was struggling. Motto – never allow the people in a defeated country to suffer, because that leads to putting the blame on someone like the Black People and Catholics or the Jewish people.

So 6 or 5 depending.

One last story. Love it! Red Wing MN. Man born to Irish Catholic and Lutheran in MN seemed like people were Lutheran or Catholic. Catholic Mom won. Son later worked in Red Wing, MN. Nice place. There is actually a high point to look out over the river on the way. Some KKK ers rode to the factory or where this Catholic man was working. In full KKK ” regalia”, they tell the boss that they want to see this Catholic man. The Man sees this from the upstairs window. He races down, pulls the hood off of the leader’s head and says, ” Hi!” to him by name. They turned their horses around never to be seen – by the Catholic man again. I know they Let in Catholics now. The priest who resigned. I bet they let in a lot of groups that they didn’t use to: Mormons, Baptists (were they in way back), any group -extreme bunch who want to be superior to those not like them. Why Jewish? Just because they held on to what the Christians stepped away from? If you are sure of your beliefs why would you be threatened by those who are not like you. Oh, it is because you became part of a Mob. You don’t mind being told what to think you have to feel superior in order not to feel inferior! By jove, I think I’ve got it! Bite the hand that feeds you. Jesus practiced the Jewish faith. Is that so hard to hear? Yes. He obviously converted, but he certainly never showed that he felt superior to someone because they were different. Just because they were different. Different and immoral or evil are two separate concepts. He was comfortable with who he was. He ministered. Maybe preached, but wasn’t threatened.

First two I audio recorded the plates. Lighting!

Sometimes if there are only two stickers there is tape or something covering a vehicle ouchie.

oh, oh, oh. The one symbol that I see a lot is the symbol for Browning guns. A year ago someone told me it was a symbol for some gun company. I reaffirmed this today. Probably with a normal looking guy who is also an Alt Righter. Like KKKer? I see it more in the Sebastopol area.

Lunch. I use to see the Petaluma Fire Fighters shopping at Lucky’s. The guy is Starbucks didn’t look none too happy. Colloquialisms. Don’t you love ’em?

I would bet that I have seen this Jeep. Though it seems that Jeeps all by themselves reek of KKK

postal carrier at Dollar Tree I guess.

See how busy it is at Oliver’s Center?

On the way home.

X marks the spot or KKK. State of Jefferson. XX for two states joining or two XXs?

I almost headed out without this. In the Safeway lot.

So, A lady took it upon herself to be the designated “call the cops about the lady taking pictures in the parking lot.” She asked me why. I am doing an article about the KKK and Alt Right in Sonoma County. These days, ANYBODY can be a journalist, so why not? I am not Sure what she thought of that. I just looked. I did not take a picture of the big silver truck that is somehow connected with a son in the military. I thought she meant there was something on the truck that connected someone to the military. Oh! Her son owns the truck.

She was then walking around talking to people in the parking lot. Meanwhile her truck was sitting in the middle of a row facing the left side of the store. Did she commit slander? Just wondering. Harassment. Could be. I think she was taken aback when I indicated that someone could be in the military and be in the KKK. Yes, I am disgusted too. How can someone defend our country if they aren’t defending everyone? How can someone fight fires if they feel that one life is superior than another life? You are DAMN right I am serious. And here is the biggy that is at the crux of the D.A. Being the one to make a decision on people s/he works with: How can someone who is supposed to protect and serve all citizens, protect, serve, arrest, and make arrests/judgement calls when s/he thinks that one person is superior to another. In Sonoma County that means almost ALL white officers having to not feel superior to others. AND all of you swear to defend the Constitution of The United States Of America.

Oh, that little Amendment called the sixth amendment. Oh THAT one. Try owning a Browning rifle when we don’t have a “trying to be fair” justice system. Looked up the Buck logo. Saw praise for that logo. Oh brother. It looks like crab claws. At least NRA says what it is. Shit. My cousin lived on an organic farm and she had her rifle to kill rattle snakes. Just take a stupid short quiz one time that will show that you will not leave a gun out so your kid will kill another of himself. That you can take again if you fail. Or, have the gun in the car so that the toddler almost kills Grandma. I shudder to think that some of the students that I have had have the God given right to own a gun. I am not talking book smart, I am talking common sense smart.

More another time. Have to cull out great video from bad. Thank you!

Browning logo problem. In the 70s I suppose. Problem is there are now Asian symbols, so I never saw it as anything but dancing crab claws or an Asian symbol. Like Om. But, then I guess it doesn’t matter what I think. It does matter that a lot of vehicles that I see/saw use it. More means more than what any regular non harassed person would see. We only have mule deer in the West? No?

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