Psychopathic Mob Mentality Observed in Downtown Petaluma on Martin Luther King Junior Day

Here is a quote from a blog: “The mocking and controlling behavior of the psychopathic mind is motivated by a sense of ENTITLEMENT and a CLAIM FOR SUBMISSION. IT’s A POWER TRIP. The submission brings them feelings of excitement and SUPERIORITY.

Wow! Describes the Mobbing mentality that goes with Gang Stalking. The Alt Right itself is on a power trip, just as ANY other organization that uses physical OR PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE to get someone, some group, people who think differently under their control. If the KKK/Alt Right don’t see a connection between their goals and actions (Stalking/wanting control of others Alt Right) and the goals and actions of other non tolerant organizations/leaders then they are blind. Oh, but they DO see the connection though it is based on false information created by the KKK after World Was II. Adolf Hitler. He was not Christian. He killed over 70 religious leaders who tried to stand up to him. Crosses were taken out of churches and were replaced by swastikas. He wanted to get rid of the Christmas tree (eventually all religion), but Germans invented the Christmas tree. He wanted people to worship him. He was a foul, sadistic, psychopath. Those who follow him have foul, sadistic souls.

Downtown Parking Structure

Notice all the 7,7 or 14 which is the number of letter in the KKK Sacred Slogan, 8,8 which stands for h,h or Heil Hitler. And you have lived with that ram sh## on your car how many years. SO p r o u d.

???? X. Three of the same numbers or letters in a row. Un bee lievable. Whole new level of corrupt people though there always had been. WISDOM OF THE CROWD. No. That is what led to lynchings which a genius of a young man spoke about in his very first speech. Oh yeah. That’s right. You KKKERS don’t like President Abraham Lincoln do you? Well, his speech is eloquent and well written. Try it

When I mention the KKK and Christianity, the strong Christians say that what the KKK does is NOT Christian. No, it is not being a moral Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or Hindi or ANY part of spiritual group throughout the world – the essence being: Do unto others what you would have do unto you. Christ’s teachings were about how to be a good, just, moral person as best as you could. Read the New Testament.

Note the corrupted plates. Painted with dust, the California sometimes masked off to be white. It is a Tell, but many things are off or tilted like the picture in the hotel room. Enough to bug you more and more, but you can’t put your finger on it. But, I CAN!

More Downtown. This could be your town. I have no doubt. Unless you are in the middle of Alt Right Country. Their loss, I say.

Kentucky and then the Blvd Near Helen Putnam Plaza. The looks. Stuck in traffic on the Blvd. Personally, I do not go that way.

Took out the last because there was a kid in the pic. Have you told YOUR kids and grandkids – the truth. Not some bogeyman tale. No, the one about these cowardly, bullies.

You do get a sense of the Stepford look.

Heard some irate drivers on the B St. Pushing down on the gas. Don’t want a pic. Quit being a stalker and breaking the law.

Cute! Not unusual to see items in back windows like stuffed animals. Isn’t this a cute touch? Except this isn’t a game. Not at all.

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