KKK and Alt Right Stalk To Intimidate. Staples in Petaluma, CA To East Side Safeway 1/15

Oh, rather appropriate don’t you think. These Alt Righters From Around and about spent their day trying to prevent me from accessing my Civil Rights. Thanks to Reverend Martin Luther King Junior, we are all granted certain Civil Rights as long as we stay within the laws of our country. Took until the 70’s for parents to make sure that a child with a disability has the right to an education. Gee weren’t the 50’s grand? Children with Down’s Syndrome and significant mental disorders were in wearhouses. Yes, it was horrid. Filthy. Children with ADHD flunked. Significant ADHD. I am SURE they were paddled at school. Yep, the 50’s. Sigh. Sarcasm rolling off my words. Dripping down.

3 6’s is particularly disturbing, but probably highly valued. Are those paw prints? Common.

I have seen many of these vehicles. Star Wars Family, definitely. Anything to do with family including mom, dad, grandma, grandpa on sticker, plate, plate frame.

I saw the truck with the heart last week.

The last is at Capri Creek after Safeway. Did they park in this spot to go out with someone in their car. Was this used earlier in the day? Sounds crazy, but I saw things 20 years ago, have been harassed by Sheriff vehicles until one almost hit me, been harassed when I am near Mormon churches. And Catholic for that matter. Went through this evil, satanic harassment/Stalking during the 2012-2013 school year when A.S. Was superintendent. I notice details thanks to my mom. Actually Dad too. Like a dog with a bone when told not to do something (Mom) and for what is just (Dad). So, yes, I am at the top of these KKK related Alt Righters, if not number 1 I am up there.

Definitely some German looking guys – assumption. Some rounded heads. One guy just looked down right mean.

Sometime soon. Downtown to Restaurant at Washington and McDowell. Then to Staples.

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