Stalkers 1-15 at 4:31. Come to East Side Safeway MANY I HAVE SEEN BEFORE

This is just stupid: look for a few out of state. Pure 666 meaning no 9’s. 88 which stands for two H’s which means heil Hitler. Nope, make that a lot of out of state plates coming and going.

Fancy cars. ?? Marin? Nice traveling farmer people Sebastopol people. I probably have taken 100 pics, but some of them are duplicates.

Why would GPS bring people to this Safeway/G AND G? It would NOT! A friend of mine all on her own commented on how many fancy cars were there a while back. Yup.

5:20 on back Here we go

Skateboarder. For a while, I was always seeing a skate boarder.

Truck between two trucks. Pretty sure I got the tag.

A lot of tall men. More than I usually see.

KEEP TAHOE BLUE means keep Tahoe white to these cretins.

A LOT of very fair people. Usually see a bit more Italian – I think they are in or Black Irish or dark haired Western European.

The company that makes the flag honoring Police Officers was dismayed to learn that the KKK HAD adopted this flag as one of their symbols.

All my sisters know that this bear had a fish in his mouth. Oh no! Not. But, that is vandalism.

The bear was my original post. When I took it from my old homestead, it had a fish in its mouth. Jade.

Righteous Bastards! I really understand what bastard means. Really. Male or Female.

Oh. The pretty plates are a Tell from what I have seen. Sparkles.

8T8. I often get an “oh shit” look, which is really stupid if you ask me. However the lady with that truck knew that I was going to take a pic and possibly get one of her. She mouthed or said into the phone I guess: “Oh F#^*!”

699 equals 666. Note the X in the middle. Just wondering, but can’t fit too many patterns in.

AAA equals KKK.

Sometimes the third sticker is on the inside of the glass or can be a torn off sticker.

Later Gator. Staples and a USPS regular delivery truck. Saw two on Labor Day. Give. Me. A. Break!!!

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