SEBASTOPOL – On the Edge, sort of, of the Bastion of White WHITE Sonoma County. TIP FOR TARGETS

It really is. I will try to find a map. Also, it is the stronghold of private charter schools. Someone I worked with said as much last year. She was disgusted that some of her friends were doing the whole white flight thing.

I still remember the glimpse I got into the Science Guy’s true feelings about what views most teachers would have in CA. Much of CA. Half a second of loathing – this from an outwardly appearing normal, distracted, in his head, but nice guy.

TIP FOR TARGETS- The people who are behind this are evil. They are your enemy. The ones truly behind it have their own agenda. In my case some sort of disgusting lie was put out there. Don’t spend your energy trying to change people’s minds – until you have some information that might get some people thinking.

You may/probably have been set up before any of the “Stalking” and stupid smoke and mirrors tactics started. The summer before this started I had my one and only night of terror. I would say night terrors but you don’t remember those. No real after affects either. Just dreaded going to sleep. No problems since.

People in this country are actually stupid enough to believe they have the right to sentence someone and carry out punishment. Guess they are naive enough to believe that all sheriff and Police are as honest as the Day is long. As my Mom would have said while quoting Harpo, “Short day, isn’t it?” Many are, but the ones who don’t take their oath seriously are tearing apart the system. Not finding any of the officers guilty when videos show they are has been a huge mistake. I suggest a group of officers start lobbying for impartial judgement before it gets any worse.

Your enemy will come up with any “evidence” or even rumors – yes, I sadly have concluded that someone will believe the words of a stranger regarding you.

Develop a thick skin. They are lies. And, people must be having a knee jerk reaction to “justice” not being carried out, but EVERYONE is entitled to due process. EVERYONE. THAT IS WHAT KEEPS US DIFFERENT FROM OTHER COUNTRIES.

One nephew is under 18, so throwing socks into my room as a form of intimidation wouldn’t go far. The fireman. Just remember your oath. And look on line to see the videos of Trump saying things he never did and Obama’s saying things he never did.

Government. No. Not in my case, but there are probably some involved. In my case it is Alt Right. If some of the churches involved are involved, money is not an issue.

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