JEEPS – One of the Vehicles of the Alt Right

Tonight’s Jeep first. Like THIS wasn’t strange. Seen going down 116 towards Cotati – a blue Jeep that I have not seen. It turns left onto a road. I turn left. It makes a U turn and heads across Redwood Highway to a store. No plate or plate frame – at all. No way to even tell where it was purchased.

Hmmm. Many Jeeps have the five spoke wheels like the five pointed star. This has 7. Maybe the person just moved here. From Texas. Now, not ALL people from Texas come close to being Alt Right, but being from Texas and being in Sonoma County – well????

December 24 or 25th going backwards.

Pitting the Jeep Like Vehicles with the tire on the back.

Up from So Cal – backwards

Until I edit, which shot is the best?

There should

Story about this one. So. This older guy- my age or older. Retired. He drives this extra something truck. It sure pulls into the space or pulls out of the space A LOT at the same time I do. But, one day I notice that it was parked along the west side of the building that runs parallel to mine. Hmmm. Well, I am in my car and an amazing thing happens. This truck pulls out of the spot it is in and drives into its regular spot. Lazy stalker move. Just drive out, then drive in when your Target does. Or leave when the Target does and then turn around and go back home. THEY DO HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH THEIR PATHETIC LIVES.

Here I go. Not Sure where I left off.

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