Stalking at Work – Mobbing Discomfort 2 or More Times

Funny when I go to use one machine. Ignoramus. Without the 6th Amendment Our Country is not a Democracy. Welcome to East Germany.

PEN AND INK BLACK CAR. AND MUST BE +. 3:32 Burton. Friday the 12th.

Asians-think right wing is for you? Look up Manzanar and the Chinese Exclusion Act. I am sure there are more. Shame on you!

4 cars at one house. All in the family. All KKK household. Cotati and Rohnert Park – one of the Alt Right strongholds.

Birds on plate frames.

This is so fake. The dirt/glue is peeling.

License plate thick with a gluey substance.

Look up at the car with film. Maybe in a rare case someone would leave on tint with hundreds of bubbles, but not as many as I have seen. Many!

Really? Overt racism or a president who says what many think? Should have stopped at racism. Those are words I would use for Trump. Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Pouts like a toddler.

I saw something that jumped out at me. Can’t remember. It will come. Now, I don’t have to wait or go to Kohl’s.

Safeway this evening: three cars in a row with double 7s, and then a 666. One double 7 drives off and another double 7 takes its place. Not planned, but shows how the gang gathers. Swarms is more like it.

This and That.

Oh, this is too good! I’m not sarcastic or anything.

Normal conditions for just a bit at 8:20 or so. Big, Big, Big, Mistake.

All for now! Targets, have a great weekend. Normals, you too. The rest of you can ……………………… I sure did not use to be like that. Even knowing that no country is immune from Mob/gang mentality. Just like the Nazis.

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