Not So Complicated

What with some plates, Nazis work with the plate. Have one 7, then Put on Two Stickers.

Case in point – maybe

Statistics. Odds?

If you come by the east side Wells Fargo, there are two nursing homes near by. On the street that parallels McDowell, this is at least the second time that the cars parked along the parallel street made absolutely no sense at all. There is Wells Fargo with no resident entrances across the way. Side yards? Brush is really thick. No reason for there to be people on the street in front of the nursing home on the North side. Very little reason for anyone to be parked on the street by the other nursing home until you come to some newer houses. There are apartments somewhere in there – north of the northern nursing home.

So, I got cash, but as soon as I turned on that street, I knew that this was a drop off point for these Alt Right people. Was it 6:30 or so. The ones I took pictures of were green – if I see a green car, I take a picture. Also, double seven plates or 7 plus 3 plus 4, or triple letter or number plates.

How many people in this county can have 3 sevens on their plates?

So backwards in time – Capri Creek, to Sonoma Mountain Parkway, to Maria, right at the ??? First turn by the park. My daughter had soccer practice there years back. There are a LOT of parks where my daughter had soccer practice.

How many of you still think I am some wacky evil lady? What could the KKK come up with? There are still some of you. You think the three stickers are a coincidence. What? Father, son, and Holy Ghost? I have a bridge to sell you. Look around you. The Latina I talked to tonight was trying to insist that I had taken a picture of her license plate. She and her friend were “it”. People in a car planning on getting in an argument with me. She kept on. I asked her if she was a Latino. She said yes. I said I didn’t take a picture of her plate because she is Latino. I also said that I don’t trust white people and some of these people are involved with the KKK.

The next are near Wells Fargo.

14 stands for the number of words in a sort of pledge that talks about having a white country for their children. I took a pledge. It was at a museum on torture. I pledged never to participate in anything that even comes close to torture AND not to tolerate others who do so. Somber, but we were reminded that some visitors may have been victims. Most torture was used on women throughout history.

AAA by the way stands for KKK. I SAW one vehicle with two paper stickers and a little AAA METAL tag. Look up above.

I finally figured out how to take a picture really showing how bad these “dirty” and scratched plates can be.

Oh, one Tell is a car that is clean on the sides but dirty in the back. Oh, I think I gave the Latino lady something to think about.

Big car is very pale yellow.

Something hanging down from the mirror. Bent plates. How does a car end up with a small ding in the back that looks like someone took a somewhat pointed tool or hammer and hit the car.

Many cars. There is a vandal doing this.

Now over by Habit.

Manana idiotas!

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