White Nationalists Is This the Current Terminology for Those Who Are “Any occupation and a variety of willing to be seen or not? New Term, Same “Superority”

Whoa! I know that I am getting closer when there is a full court press. Tells: Mom, Dad, family. For the people who feel threatened by “alternative” relationships.

Let me find the big wig. Someone – a car stayed behind as much as possible.

Then the idiot who was in a extra tall truck. I have seen this before.

Mistake. Got in front, then again tailgated. Protecting this car. High lights made it really hard.

Rest of the day

Equal means not equal. See the H for Hillary. It is an equal sign with a line through it.

Sadly, pink plate frames have been adopted.

Helmet hitch cover is at Kaiser. 86866M1

Dangly rear view mirror – boy do I see a LOT of those. Christmas trees more a year ago.

Take everything out of the circle but the triangle and you have a KKK symbol

Missing letters on a car decal. Sometimes the third sticker is inside the windiw

Crossed hammers or swords


I think it is statistically impossible for 1 person to see so many 666, 999, 696, etc. I can’t wrap my head around this, but how about x

Dirty plate. California is so white. Looks off doesn’t it?

2 7s Or 7 plus 3 plus 4

Tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do something. Big mistake.

Navy Times.com. Oh, decorated Marine Corp Veterans. Highly decorated.

stiff arm

2013. Someone in a small car sat in the left turn lane going into the hospital. Every time I think about that. Mo ta vay tion !!!!!

Is that Jery? JEEP – the official vehicular for the right nationalist movement.

Almost forgot

These lights shining on me from lot north of Kaiser. I did take pic from rear…..not Sure where it is. Oh well.

Or, is this the one trying to protect. Pastors, ministers, Bishops, Priests, other well known people???

Only takes one or two on a fire truck. This one poor guy looked totally bewildered Who called the shots as to exactly when they pull out on non emergency call. Or, gee I dropped this

Statistically impossible. Seems impossible, but there is always Sherlock Holmes.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Almost every religion in the world has a form of the Golden Rule.

Two stickers and 14.

Some repeats. Trader Joe’s area.

Effect doesn’t show, but two cars in Redwood Credit Union driverhough had their yellow light flicky switch on.

One plate painted with dust, then dust scraped off?

Two cars in lot between Kohl’s and Redwood Highway. Normal – in my life.daily. Maybe not this blatantly stupid. And hard to photograph from a distance.


paw 66. Does the paw/god stand for one and each 6 stand for another equaling three. We need Touring. A genius you know?

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