Crazy IS Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Expecting The Same Results! The Targets Aren’t Crazy, It’s The CRAZY STALKERS

Little Miss Sunshine – I had no idea you were playing music until I turned off my radio. All for naught.

Message to targets: see if you notice 3 stickers on cars, “painted” dirty plates, more cars than normal with dings, wild and wacky damaged or stickered cars. You are not crazy, your stalkers are. Look up Boggarts from Harry Potter. Pick yours I don’t even really have to do this now that I know that the stalkers in Sonoma County are vile, intolerant pseudo people. Stepford people.

The more they run around the higher I know I scored. Was it the KKK guy in the pizza place in Rohnert Park, or was it the revelation that this varied and sundry group of “people” have one thing in common – the 14 word pledge that goes hand in hand with the KKK?

Want to see this? Drive around the Safeway where G and G used to be in Petaluma, CA. Or, a school near an intersection in Rohnert Park, CA. You are looking for a steady flow of cars, coming from various directions, turning here or there. That is where I am. Why? Because I have the capacity to figure things out. Crazy? Yep. They are. Oh, you might see non California stops. Maybe even slightly exaggerated stops.

Parking Lot at mostly white Capri Creek, today and last night. I might be repeating a few.

9 can be 6. Does 3 stand for something. Geesh.

Dogs equal God and Cats? Popular.

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