Rohnert Park, California – A Planned Community and an Alt Right Hub?? Just Wondering

Written later – Oh brother! I heard giants slamming together redwood sized logs when I lived in MN. I called a roofing guy. Oh, HE knew that I must have been new to the state. Turns out that the ice freezes and then cracks. Now, THAT is a noise worth making. Not someone dragging something. OR, not the fireman’s kid and friends on my relative’s roof in 2013.

Boys will be boys. Silly, stupid smoke and mirror tactics.

……………I went to Kaiser. It wasn’t really planned ahead. I started looking for 7s. Since 7 plus 7 equals 14, that is a special number for the Alt Right, KKK, very far right “Christians”.

Excuse the following phrase, but I was struggling to come up with a word that describes the expression on some people’s faces. This look is one that says, “Oh shit”, and “you caught me with my pants down.” That is the only way to describe it. I think that some of these people DO NOT want to be linked with this movement even if they stand behind it. They won’t be marching.

I have been shocked when I have read the numbers of KKK members in the United States. Estimated. Way, way too low. Even without all the Trump fueled vitriol I would expect there to be many, many more. I had a thought – is there a second set of books? Or, groups disguised as something else. Separate leaders that quietly lead. ????

So, I could drive myself crazy by adding and subtracting numbers to get 14 or 666. I took pics at Kaiser and the Safeway lot. Came over to Mountain Mikes for dinner. One diner did not look pleased to say the least. It was more what his eyes said than anything.

LOL When I put the cat there, I had no idea what would come next.

IT IS THE 14 WORD PLEDGE THAT BINDS THESE PEOPLE TOGETHER. Some might not agree with the KKK, some might not agree with extreme religion this, or extreme religion that BUT YOU HAVE TO AGREE WITH THE 14 WORDS – or be blackmailed or paid. Or, you can’t drop out because this Stalking will happen to you AND you will be shunned by all in the group.

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