Capri Creek Apartments, A Wonderful Community, Freeway Access To the 101 The Way in Which the KKK and the Deceived Park

Now, were these typical vigilantes, what has been happening would sound insane. Considering, I saw Eric, the last manager, drive slowly past my apartment in a blue SUV after closing hours, what has occurred at Capri Creek over the last 14 months is not surprising at all. Eric denied he was there. He was.

The redo of the outside of Capri Creek is coincidental. I will bet that the resulting turnover of renters followed by new whiter renters is not a coincidence.

Now, I can’t be positive who is doing what. However, I will use examples of what I see to demonstrate Gang Stalking tactics used by the Alt Right.

Here is a parking tactic I see often, but this lady really went over the top. She is in the Capri Creek lot, and typically accelerates after going over the speed bump. She could live there or had driven on through. She parks. The way she parked was extra unique. Usually, someone pulls in, back out, then pulls in again. Not so unusual, right? Unless you see multiple examples of this in many locations. In fact, YOU most likely wouldn’t notice at all. There was a period after a trip the summer of 2015, where I was conditioned, more or less to see a lot of bright lights. Conditioned for lack of a better word. My area of emphasis in college was psychology. Oh yes, it was.

We all know what it is like to have bright lights shining in our windows – from the front, if we are parked or from the rear. Happens. But, imagine that it gradually starts increasing until you don’t go out without this happening. Even going through this Stalking in 2012-2013, I chalked it up to rude people and cell phone use.

Watch and learn:

The one above was actually taken first.

Why would someone cut a hole in their blinds. To spy or to make me worried that someone is spying. A voyeur?

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