Homeward Bound – An Adventure The Great Thing About Knowing Who These People Are is Knowing How Truly Little I Care

The great thing about not caring about an enemy, and vehemently opposing all they stand for is.what? That is it, what? Nothing – no hold, no obligation, but what my own strong beliefs hold me to. Now, that is powerful. Fueled by my own passions, and those who came before who have fought this scourge. Like my uncle who made 32 bombing runs over Germany – as a bombardier. He saw friends’ planes shot down. He.did this at great cost, I am sure. But, he was fighting Nazis. These people ARE Nazis.

Last but not all…..

Pulled into the Marie Calendar’s lot somewhere near San Jose. Blossom Hill Road or some such name. I was NOT going to take any pictures. Or, at least not until I came out. Mind my own business. But NO! This had to be the first car I saw:

Since religious symbols – Christian or God tend to go with other Alt Right, KKK, religious extremists from multiple religious group. Speculation and I could be wrong, but I’m not – Like Monk says.

A man comes out of the restaurant as I begin to park, but am mumbling out loud about the plate, 666 and KKK. I guess late 50’s to early 60’s. Hard to tell. If there is a stereotypical look to white pastors, he would fit the bill. I picture a round face, not too tall and bald or balding. I think.

Mean time, I have seen this dark probably black Jeep with a black or dark soft. I struggled to park backing in. Get out. Take a picture of the front seats, and the owner of the Jeep has come out. He looks at me, gets in the Jeep and I get ready to snap a picture. At some point someone over from my right yells something to Jeep guy. I assume that the owner of MARKGOD was the one who yelled because he had gotten something out of his vehicle, but remained standing.

Had wanted to take a pic with no one there, but the guy’s look and the yell from the Right told me that Jeep guy was not going to stick around long enough to even get a picture.

I said: “uh- JEEP Wrangler or”mumble, 7MVB396. Soft top. I think it’s black. It’s really dark. It’s got a soft cover on it. Looks like it’s from a horse place. I don’t know why. Anyway, he had 3 6’s on that. It almost seems impossible, but yeah- he did.

I said wrangler, but wasn’t sure. It had some name with it. Horse place had to do with what was on the tire cover.

not sure – Horse, writing that looked Western, reference to ranch. I have no idea.

All the recordings that I have taken on my trip have been sent to multiple places.

I worked at the very first Marie Calendar restaurant with a bunch of kids I knew from school. It had been converted from Marie’s coffee shop to a nice restaurant in FULLERTON. A BUNCH OF THE KIDS WERE FROM Fullerton High. Oops. Didn’t mean to yell

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