Craziest Proposition Ever! Truly Nuts! KKK Always Had Drawn All Kinds, But This? KKK Cell Phone

WOW! What a difference a week makes. It is technically the Sunday after New Years. One day after what I wrote below. I drive into my complex curious to see if there are 7’s on the downstairs lady’s Prius. There are two 7’s. There are two 7’s on the car that parks next to mine. Drive around. Now I see three of one letter or number and double 7’s. I might count 3 plus 4, but then, where does one stop? Oh. I am pretty sure that 9 is a six upside down. Who really issues the plates. In some states, people are given numbers by the dealers that are printed on paper plates – no pun intended. Whatever. With other states, a temporary number is issued. In California, you get a dealer paper ad. I guess no one checks up on whether you apply for a regular plate. Maybe the DMV eventually gets around to that task.

———– Wrote the following on Friday. I am still trying to process the KKK ALT RIGHT link to plates. Mormons to the KKK …………:

Really? For this to happen, someone has to be involved. There are coincidences. Those that happen now and then. Mystery heroes do not believe in coincidences. Nope.

??? I see a LOT of plates that have three of the same number, more rarely the same letters. Yesterday I started noticing double 7’s. I had seen some before, but seemed totally random. 14 is the number of words in this decree of the KKK.

Today I am wondering if there can be two of a number and then something like 8, 1 for 8-1.

Oh two numbers may be used to add up to 7. Have seen cars from where I live and cars from San Diego. Yep – absolutely nuts!!!!!

CELL PHONES. I saw tanother person today using a long phone different. It was a flip phone. Why? Why would it be better to use a flip phone?

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