Numbers Game Being Played by Various Groups With KKK Ties

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

I don’t remember numbers or names, but like my mom, I notice details.

Tonight, I was noticing the number 7. I was seeing two sevens on plates. Then, I noticed 8 and 5. I remembered that the KKK has a slogan about their children and their future – a white future. I was thinking about the slogan, but felt that 14 seemed like a lot of words.

No. 8 and 6

The slogan is made with 14 words.

It seems impossible that a group would have any control over what License Plates are issued – but they do. I am seeing way too many 3’s, 6’s, three of numbers and letters, 9’s, and today – numbers that up to the magic number 14.

Above – I had walked down this street with someone, and not one car. I get in the car and there has been a pretty constant drizzle of cars going past.

Here is a video taken right after the one taken above.

It ended up being put in up above.

Now – Shortly after I had posted and updated. The clock read, “9:43”.

So, after reading what spokesmen for the Mormon church said denouncing any association with the KKK, Alt Right Or similar groups – There is an alt right Morman group separate from the main church. However, Mormons willing to believe claims made by their fellow Mormons, are joining in. I believe that this may be the case with many involved. People trained to be puppets are all too willing to harass, stalk, rob, lie, etc. in the name of their group.

Sometimes people act stupid or crazy – crazy is when people do something over expecting the same results – Einstein

Le Creme de la crumb

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