Lies, ?Recordings, and ?Video Tapes and the Magic of Disneyland

Shields are big with the KKK

I take photos of everything. I notice when behaviors are out of sync. Walk past my room and throw socks. No socks in the photo. Guess there are still lies being told. So, I mentioned taken 4 prescription meds at bedtime plus two Benadryl. I have to sleep. So, really? What would a Sheriff with a grudge and ult right groups do to get people on board and get it so I won’t be believe. I rule, you drool.

This is the KKK. Hitler wanted to kill Kris Kringle, but what to do when you are premiere assassin based in the country that first used Christmas trees? You tell people to put swastikas on their tree tops, and you change the words to songs so they are about you instead of God.

Hmmm. The lady who talked her boyfriend into suicide was convicted. It is just a matter of time before group harassment is taken seriously. Oh, cyber bullying. Do these kids know about the sheriff who has to prove he is right. 20 years? Or, the KKK Alt Right wanting to keep no touch torture techniques hidden. Alt right Mormons, Evangelicals, Alt Right Catholics.

My down south adult family members are listening – particularly one who worked off and on in the south.

oh, kids. Look up the end game of no touch torture. And, really?

Wonder of Disneyland: The languages spoken, the huge diversity of people. I am back home, and you so called “Aryans” are hating it. Small minds? Yes you!!! You are impure at heart.

Why: has a family been afraid of me; an African American boy at a march; have I been given the evil eye by Italian and Mexican mamas, been harassed by people from different ethnic and racial groups; had twenty something Stepford ladies sit in their cars and sit and sit! A sheriff could NOT be wrong, a controlling church was using controlling harassment which continued to be used by that cult and others. Great diversion! That, plus hiding in plain site.

But, the Latinos and Mexicans have pretty much stopped. I passed out flyers in Spanish and English to some Latinos. The men, middle aged or over have no doubt that the KKK is active in Sonoma County. You know who I see? A lot of German, Scandinavian, Western European people – well, look like their ancestors way back might have been from there. Italians. Uptight, thin lipped judge mental religious lady zeolites and their spouses, rough and “tough” Oregonian KKKers, old skinheads, conned, threatened and blackmailed souls, actors in the local North vs. South re-enactment, and a LOT of civil service and delivery people. I could be wrong, but I’m not.

Oh, if you see my pinky making an i, it stands for IDIOTS.

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