1-1 and 1-2

1-2 TODAY! EVERYWHERE AROUND the world, we’re coming to America. Trump’s theme song.


I am ending at the beginning. At the Del Taco across the way, a lady drives by with the typical one light out. Goes and sits at the Del Taco for less than a minute and then leaves. The pictures under these are today going backwards. Now it is 11:33.


Interesting:sparkly plate frames, plate frames with palm trees, and pink plate frames are seen here and in NOR CAL.

Dirty plate. Tsk, tsk. How people in an area that despises bumper stickers can “tell” others of their proclivity towards hating people different than themselves. Poor, deprived OC. The OC exists in parts of south OC.

Oh, the purposely banged up and tilted plate is used.

Dirty plate with badge of honor sent and sandblast effect.

Personalized plates.

UPS trucks. 3, but I saw one more. What would happen if someone examined your hiring practices? Might as well point to their trucks saying-the NOR CAL AND SO CAL. UPS MESS

Right now there is a police SUV SITTING behind a tree in the Walgreens parking lot to the north of Del Taco. Don’t you think the driver is being a little creepy by not asking my business or moving on? Oh the OC. A law enforcement vehicle just went past heading north with lights and siren blaring. Does that get put down in the books. It is 11:18. Car parked at Del Taco had a star and another emblem. Distinct. Orange on it.

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