2018! Noticing Fewer “Oooh, Aaaah” Vehicles (Not! Ooh, Aah – But, I predict that You Will Be Out and About 1/1) Than Last Time I Was in Huntington Beach WE Will Stand Up To You

Yes, it is winter, but……As time goes by, less and less people believe in the lies you spread. Maybe they started wondering how this could go on so long. That made no sense.

Maybe some started wondering about exactly what they were participating in. Maybe they knew that harassment is wrong (against the law), and decided to do the right thing.

Maybe there was Charlottesville. Not that they knew of the connection, but maybe realized what herd, group, mob, Gang mentality is. Maybe they read the truth and doubted lies – if they didn’t belong to the core group.

Pulling from further and further afield. More coming from Nor Cal and out of state. It is so much more obvious here that cars make sure to be near a target, so the target thinks that many, many more people are involved than is reality. Oh there were, more before.

Religious right dropping while farther right and righteous are there to further their agenda or protect it. Pence stood up to the KKK, Alt Right, and White Supremacists before Trump. Trump doesn’t know right from wrong.

Why are you here? I was asked. More makes sense than before Charlottesville. Why? “You” have used and relied on these tactics before – where it really made a difference. Want to use these tactics again. That is why. I witnessed and was a victim of very rudimentary tactics over 20 years ago.

One law enforcer or group could not let that go. I made the connection to that group and a religious group. I could have let it go, but I am VERY glad that you didn’t.

Hell in 2012-2013 and one more year of hell after that. But, with the help of earthly angels, mental strength (Once I figured out one simple ? Hormone or whatever classification it is), and a guidance/strength from faith, I am the right person for this job. I am doing great – thank you very much (you do know that that phrase is sarcasm, right?). Better than I was doing 14 plus months ago when I realized that You gremlins were up to your juvenile shenanigans again. Instead of spiders crawling out you are ants coming out of Your hidey holes and scared rabbits hopping back.

I had been to hell and back many times before even moving to Petaluma, CA. More than some, but way less than others. Really? I AM the best person for this job. Not one that I asked for, but one I am now glad I have – so someone else doesn’t or to help someone else who does.

Your core groups are more north and in other states, though your ilk is from all over. As many, many, many other Americans believe, you are bullies for us to stand up to. And they are standing up or are willing to stand up as needed.

There was a street in a town in somewhere U.S.A. Someone put a burning cross in the yard of a family with a menorah in the window. Every house on the street soon had a menorah in their windows.

There is a town in the south. The town had a Black mayor. The KKK decided to have a rally. Well, hundreds of people from all Around came to support the mayor and the town.

People are now realizing that the KKK and other hate groups pull in people from all over. They are starting to realize that some of the violent acts committed at protests are from persons coming in from other areas – BLACK LIVES DO MATTER! I do believe some of you do not know the hate that was targeted towards some of your ancestors at one time or another- Irish, Italians, Jewish (yes, may be like proudly me -Scottish-find a picture of my maternal grandmother), Chinese, Japanese in the West, First Nation peoples (Indian school in Riverside closed shortly before 1977), Shanghaid men in San Francisco and other Western poets, But I do believe that it is time we all say that Black Lives Matter. It was and is the Manifest Destiny that the U.S. mostly white Christian people carried with them that had stomped down of people who are different. Blacks and other groups are still paying the price.

White POWED lives have always mattered (well, except for the Irish and Italians/Catholics/Baptists)! Protestant, Of Western European Descent. Most Americans know that cops lives matter and white lives matter. However, most KNOW that in some or quite a few of the cases where darker skinned people were shot or died from chocking, the verdicts cannot possibly be no officer guilty of ANYTHING.

SO, you can take your whitewash Christian only (non Christian) thinking, go buy land and form your all white Christian boring region- under U.S. laws. Go for it! No, the people who are willing to march and donate and communicate, and gather to fight for all persons rights (and protections) will not put up with you this time. The cameras catch the mob hatred in your eyes.

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