From December 30th, From December 29th

Going to have to put December 29th here:


The front biker is from Oregon. Recorded. Have USPS workers been hiring like minded people while overlooking others just as qualified? Even before 9/11. 20, 30 years?

COEXIST. May mean coexist, but the S is made with yin yang which used to be a KKK symbol, but half was dropped leaving a red blood drop.


Someone does not know how to use a level. Great decorations!

not Sure where I left off. Do your kids, bosses, Sonic and Comcast in Sonoma County, spouses, coworkers, other church members know about your hate group affiliation. Just as expected, my Evangelicals said that what the far Alt right and the KKK Do is not Christian and certainly does not go with Jesus’s teachings. Nor does it go with any position “rules for a good life” by any – that should be positive religion or/ and non controlling help group anywhere in the world. Not with that definition.

Oregon biker’s jacket. Skull with some combination of FFs and SSs

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