Out of State Plates – NO WAY….58 Years in This State – 20 in Sonoma County – Since the 15th of December and Earlier on….

There it was…..on a bag that I have had for months. It is Om, or more correctly: Oum

If = is not equal, then is this anti Hinduism or it just makes for a really good symbol meaning 3 or KKK in what is seen as liberal Sebastopol? Not all- liberal Alt Rights Could Be liberal alt rights for whites. Geez, who were here before MOST of our ancestors? The American Slave. You know – the person who could be chained up. Families torn apart and sold. Killed for no reason, whipped, raped. The people who made this country great. Or, Sure as hell built this country by their hands and backs making beaucoup bucks for their masters or life much easier. Like Jefferson. No one wanted to acknowledge their role in the civil war, but then white people of a certain archaic way of thinking like everything white washed. Boring!

—————————————-Added 12/28 – Yes, I looked through the out of state plates. I have been collecting the out of state plates for months. I saw some over the summer. I saw mostly Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, a few Washington and a random one here and there. Boy, has it picked up drastically over the last few months. These out of state, personalized, and just because I can or they are interesting are from December 16th to now. Unless some of these people are going to spend the rest of their winter in AZ, they would be nuts to drive home – the ones that live across the country in the Northeast. Not normal.


There was actually someone who mentioned the out of state plates to me. Another observer. Someone who notices when something is different. We may not pay all that much attention when things are normal – and normal can be a bit strange or quirky in Sonoma County – dress, costumes, wear what you want…………….but this kind of strange is different, evil intent. It didn’t quite make sense until I realized that extreme if not zealots (a type of person?) were trying to protect their mission. Sad mission, but it’s one they think is important enough to break the law for, to blackmail people for, hire using unacceptable criteria, preventing people from enjoying their civil rights. Oh, we are not guaranteed happiness, BUT we are guaranteed certain rights. Remember, the man who needed to be convicted of killing was only able to be charged by keeping someone from being able to have civil rights. Got him!

Some of these I am posting just because I can.

No, I don’t think that guy looks very happy. As I have said many times. Could be connected with gang stalking by alt right or not…………………or…………………as Monk says……….

Have no idea if the Stepford lady goes with that car. Doesn’t look like it from the color of cars.

More manana. No, that doesn’t rhyme with banana any more than La Jolla is La Jol la.

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