Gang Stalkers, KKK, White Supremacists, Alt Right: How they Change Their License Plates to Make Them Hard to Read, Look Strange and Serve as a Tell (symbol) to Others of Their Ilk6TOM434

That was some really irritating person in the Target lot. 2126 Thurs. I’ll work on this off and on. I started this a while back, but was diverted.

Great article by a Doug Dimero on the stupid temp plate in CA. I have seen some old cars with the dealer paper insert. I have seen a number of cars with no plate at all. Tonight there was a white work truck with no back lights at all. It had the typical large side tool boxes, with the left side going up higher than the right. If you have never run electrical or helped someone run it, it is easy to do. Put lights on a separate switch.

One way these droids make their plates harder to see is by actually using a paint or spray of some kind that makes the plate look dusty. Really dusty. Often, the California is nice and clear while the rest of the plate looks dirty. Someone had to spray the plate with California covered up. I will find a bunch of these to post.

That is not one of course. Lane brained. Lame. PG and E followed by KABOOM. SERIOUSLY?


ere is a plate number that I have had floating around on a piece of paper: 7URR98

This is just a message saying that I took a pic of everything. Hint – ay a towel or blanket

over items and take a picture. Somet

Can’t fix something. Right now. I am not Sure what the issue is, but every so

often, the screen in my phone bops up and down or where I write stays down. So, not half bad. Ah. Something might be slipped out from the bottom, but you’ll know if anything large was disturbed. Happened one time. More for me than anything.

Just saw the plate PRANGO on a black car with the lights that look an old fashioned telephone. The part you held.

hmm. I guess Police officers need to get cash sometimes. 2 or 3. Oh, the same type of light.

I forgot to say that I think PRANGO is from Texas. Looked like the black on white.

5ACA931. LA


3 Stickers. 3rd or 4th Police Car of the night. But hey, I hear Target has a big problema. Es Espanol para problem o por problem.

I don’t know if I ever shared my “joke” about the local law enforcement officers. See, they are officers unless they belong to the Alt Right and do something they would not do – go out of their way. Anyway, the last officer I saw, I rubbed my thumb over my palm to signal money. Then I made the letter P. Hey, if someone’s going to give a ticket, the P town force might as well get the money. In honor of my relatives who served during WWII. Anyway, I keep wondering if there is a bet between groups. Sort of tongue in cheek, but sort of not.

7jvj272 Bk Honda. 9:20 21:20 Taegee.

target. Targee. And I took French.

10:00 on the 28th. I just saw ?COP cars numbers 5,6,7. 81% that it really was a stop. One large truck. I think 4 door with doors open. One car made a U turn as I turned East from McDowell heading south. Next car had full lights going. Oooh. Then there was another car. Officer was calmly walking up towards Truck. Hmm I will have to check the paper. But, that only has arrests. Well you read it here. Maybe they are practicing for New Years. Oh. Sounds paranoid I know. It was just about guaranteed that I would go from the post office and head that direction to get home. Hmmm. How many cars are “on duty” at any one time.


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