Why I Am Not Going to Listen to the Disenfranchised White People – Age 13 – “Last Lynching”

So, I was talking to someone about the “disenfranchised”, “take pity on my rights”, white supremacists. Problem is we were talking about two groups. This person was talking about people who have not been represented like the Appalachians, and the people who are not represented by their government because the rural population IS often not represented.

(Finally remembered what anyone who harasses another can be charged with: denying that person his or her Civil Rights! Yep – that is finally how they convicted a KKK murderer).

I could not mention that many, many of the people in what may be a new KKK movement are fairly if not very well off if you look at the cars they are driving. Cars and trucks. There are the trucks used for small business people and people who need them for their work. Then there are trucks that are just because I can.

I had read that the last lynching of a Black person was in 1968. Guess there have been a few more, but I am sticking to 1968 as being a point in the Civil Rights Movement Times. Boy, I felt ill when I realized that I was 13 years old. And there are those who say that “this” is all in the past. Not when there is no justice for black people when police officers go before a grand jury to have their fate be decided. No, definitely not all police/minority cases should go against officers. BUT, the injustice when the evidence is right before you is ludicrous.

NOT WHEN THESE PEOPLE THINK THAT THE LAWS DO NOT APPLY TO THEM. Like the sixth Amendment. Trial. Harassment, stalking.

I could go on and on and on.

Not when abortion is a personal decision and someone is trying to push their beliefs onto me. I am not in favor of a number of cases. However, I had come to the conclusion that ALL late term abortions are wrong – in many cases. Then, a so wanted baby had all the organs outside the body and the heart was not going to last. Cannot be diagnosed until 5 months. Too many ifs. Not for me to decide.

After WWII, the U.S. accepted thousands of refugees. We have a policy of allowing any Jewish person into the United States. Look it up. (there must be some restrictions like criminal background).

Of course we have a strict vetting process and it can take some persons years. Bush Junior had a good idea as far as green cards and illegal aliens – except the card would be good for one year – then no go. If we had treated Mexico and Mexicans with respect AND helped them establish good schools, helped in other ways – well, like other third world nations that we help they might be doing much better.

My point. Our country bought/accepted slaves for sale. Yet, these “superior” (inferior) KKKers want an all white country. The U.S. has labeled itself a Great Melting Pot. No, it is a Great Tossed Salad. Look up immigration the last 20 years.

Native Americans have numerous religions – some are Christian. My view God is God. A religion sets down guiding principals for people to follow. By the way, virtually every religion has a form of: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

The United States has NEVER been one United Christian religion. The Founding Fathers did not want the “King’s” religion pushed down the citizens’ throats. Thomas Jefferson would not qualify as Christian under Evangelicals’ guidelines. Maybe the main groups who came over early on were considered Christian, but the various beliefs of all these persons varied widely.

I don’t think any of them used symbols such as 666 to identify themselves as Christian. I cannot believe that the KKK or any group that associates with them can call themselves “good” (moral) Christians or Christian at all for that matter. That is my opinion. After all it is for God to decide. 666 is the tip ….. How about skulls? Human, steer.

So, no. I will not consider the “feelings” or outlook of Anyone even slightly associated with killing people on a whim without a trial. Murderers. Yes, the one finally convicted of denying a murdered Black Man his Civil Rights. Aha! That is your biggest crime right now.

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