SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA – KKK Hiding Behind a Liberal “Facade”

What you might not know is that Sebastopol is surrounded by miles and miles of Farm country. I never like to assume, but I think the KKK has a strong hold in Sebastopol. Not that there aren’t true liberals of all kinds. Probably conservatives who would be astonished to learn this.

Whoa! I just noticed that this turtle has yin yang – used for decades by the KKK. What I really stopped to look at is the symbol above Someone told me what it meant, but I thought it was just a Tell used by whatever group was doing harassing. But, I had started looking at things differently after I read about Charlottesville. It was also after reading that members of the KKK are using innocuous items as “tells” to each other. A Tell in poker is what someone does that gives away what cards someone is holding. I am not using tell exactly like that, but it is easier than saying, ” It stands for a symbol used by the KKK and other people to identify one another.”

So, I do go on. Look at that symbol and think of finding threes. I believe I hit my head on my forehead when I realized what it was. I know I said, “It’s a three!” I acted like a crazy fool as I drove along holding up three fingers.

I saw dozens of those in the Sebastopol area when I worked there last school year. The coexist sticker is more common there in Sebastopol also. Like I said, “The KKK hiding among the liberals.

This was a little one that I found before the regular sized big one.

Three stickers. Not always three. But I am not at all surprised when I see two and look on the sides and see a third one.

Hiding among the liberals. Yep.

One shows Main St. East of this crosswalk. One shows Main St. West of this crosswalk. The last one is of the crosswalk looking towards Whole Foods. SEBASTOPOL.

Okay – look up, “When someone does the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

I have to look at these videos. I think they were taken when I was parked in Main Street facing east. I believe I was aiming the camera at my rear view mirror.

Considering how little traffic there was on the streets, this is a heck of a lot of people heading out of Sebastopol. I was rather surprised.

Okay, so two of these might be the same, but you get the idea. Sounds crazy? Well, what if this growth within Alt Right movements have been going on for 20 years? What if some of these people ARE doctors and lawyers and religious leaders? Not so far fetched. If your profile of a clansman only includes people who Farm or have blue collar jobs, you have another think coming. Whoo-eeeee! You should see the fancy cars I see. Just as many high end cars as middle of the road cars, as low end cars. Nope, some of these people have pretty well paying, prestigious jobs. But, hate is what they have in common.

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