Was There a Meetin’? Planning on Doing the Boxing in Move? Police Officers or Cops? Think the Trucks Keep in Touch by CB Radios. A While Back I Read They Still Use Them.

Two trucks were driving in tandem last night. So 2012. Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Mirrors .

Someone was missing. I wondered. Where were y’all? Not a Sunday go to meeting. A meeting for deviants. That just means you deviate from the norm.

I have always hated the word cop. Well, as far as I can remember. Always had respect. Well, except for the P Town officer parked in the corner of the Mormon church parking lot facing out with his lights on.

Then there were the Sheriffs’ vehicles in hmmm I think 2010/2o11. They would be off to the side with not another soul with their lights flashing. Until I dropped off something at a sub station. They backed off. Oh. But before that was the Sheriff who stopped in front of me. The look of hate was unmistakable. Looked rather Germanic. Angular features.

I have been harassed some. Older gentleman Police man in Sebastopol. Drove by. Tonight I saw one parked near the dog park. I was sort of asking , “friend or foe?” Thinking about it. Why would he park THERE? No good reason I could see. I drove back. Still there. I slowed way down. I was at the dead end. Hmm as I drove off, he started pulling out. Was way behind for a bit.

Gee, answered my question. He was for. Is for. As you can tell by the encounters I am so intimidated. Yeah, right. Oooh.

Oh yeah. Why was there a Petaluma Police Officer in Rohnert Park? Off the beaten path.

A sheriff’s vehicle almost hit me a while back. Near Lily Kai. I filed. They pretty much have left me alone. So, how many of you go to meetings?

As is true about bullying anywhere: if you are not part of the solution,?you are part of the problem.

Oh yeah. The Napa County Sheriff vehicle that was parked in the Lily Kai parking lot the day of Los Dias de Los muertos. Over a year ago. The passenger was definitely not wearing a uniform. Grand jury system has to go. At least when there are cops involved. Hmmm my language changed. Guess you have to prove that you are an officer these days.

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