The More I Learn About You Crappy People, the More Motivated I Get. Now Crappy is a tacky word with no substance. I will let it stand for now. Even more so now for numerous relatives.

For the part German Brothers who created Day-Glo which saved thousands of lives during WWII. No more friendly fire. For my part German dad with Scottish, Quakers. For my father in law. Probably half Scottish and pretty close to half British I think. A medic. My Mother in Law an army nurse. English and Lithuanian (not talked about – might be where the male alcoholic link is from). Mom – red hair, so said we have to come from Eric the red, then Scottish, English………………Irish Aunt. For them.

Uncle Buddy Martin 32 Bombing runs over Germany. Most dangerous job and he saw friends get shot down. For him. For him. Down with Nazi’s. Anyone who tries to tell our country how we should or even if we should worship.  For the greatest Generation

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