Messing With a Legal Document – Tsk, Tsk Germanic Names Ooooh!

I mentioned this in a much earlier post. How I had typed something in a document and saved it. Then, when I was in the meeting someone pointed out an error. Oh, it wasn’t in the document.

Geez, no problems once I had my own password that no one knew. Now, some Germans know it (or one German at least and others) and dates that I typed would be gone. Well, I changed my password again. Sucks for you. Cats rule, dogs drool.

So, this IS a legal document. I would not expect anyone but a techie to stay up messing with this. So, I remember reading the statement by the company that makes this document service available. Wouldn’t be good to have this known. Tsk, tsk.

I remember the moment I saw just for a second a look of ………….disgust come across the Science Guys face last year. It had something to do with an area that most teachers would support. Did it have to do with illegals and families or some such thing? I will have to remember his name. I think it was German.

So Germanic has to do with the language and includes Norway, etc. Hmmmmm. I think that is where Van Guy’s ancestors would be from………….really? Are you that close to having your relatives come over from the old country? I sure am seeing a lot of people with features that I would see on someone from Germany and nearby countries. Then, I think there may be ex skinheads. How old would they be. Of course, there are those that tie the south to Scotland and thereabouts.

How about France? Does it depend where in France. I think Italy now, but I don’t know. Hmmmm. Where are the techies from? I’m going to have to look at the list of names. Sebastopol…………..where did the people come from? Old and newer.

Hmmm. My sister’s deceased step father in law was participating in his 80’s. His name would be Polish. I guess that means they are okay for the KKK. Or he was one that was deceived into believing lies. Come to think of it, I don’t see so many older couples OR people with kids – except older and they are learning so far back into the seat it is silly.

Did you listen in on someone else’s conversation tonight? I am sure it is very easy to do. I may look into it. There have to be devices that can pick up sounds from not that far away. Plus, considering you have ties to someone from EVERY WALK OF LIKE, hacking someone’s cell phone is so easy.

I have no doubt at all that what I see someone can see, what I hear someone can hear, what I type someone can read…………………..I did use that a few times to totally have you chasing your tails. The trucks………….the trucks gave it away. Can’t wait with something can you? Mentioned the boxing in by trucks. Oh trucks! That was sooooo 2012.

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