I Figured IT Out! 3! Magic Number of the KKK. NOT!

Hey! What’s up? The center across from Sonoma State is deader than a door nail. Thursday 1:21. School could be out, but still. Where is the meeting? People like you have to meetings. Can’t ALL be shopping

I couldn’t understand how good people could do this type of no touch torture. Then, I figured it out. Oh hell! You aren’t good people. Bringing the Confederate holdout, ignorant values wherever you go. No – shit for brains. Let’s see. Extremists, recruiting college kids looking for meaning in their lives, secrets, sure their is a hierarchy, kill people, blackmail people, hide behind your windshields, religious fever, interpreting text that is intended to guide into what fits your agenda. Hmmmm. Have not blatantly killed, but I don’t doubt that those ruffians I saw would not hesitate for a second. You don’t want bad press now.


Original post. Hitler stole the swastika really, but another culture used it and still uses it today. So, we have to be careful when interpreting symbols.

Three cars with Texas plates outside Mountain Mike’s in Rohnert Park. I have been wondering. Have the representatives from various states been meeting? While they are helping their Nor Cal Friends. Keep your friends close, and keep these friends closer.

Keep Tahoe Blue – Keep Tahoe White?

= sign means not equal??? Or they have big heads and truly think they are better than other people. Oh, both.

State Fund and Pace Supply Near Kaiser. Sure were a LOT of cars there.

If this newer, gentler, friendlier KKK wanted to get a bunch of people together where would they meet?

A ranch?

Hey, one way to really not notice if anyone has messed with your stuff is to keep it a mess. It helps to be too busy, but it works. C’est la vie.

I keep stumbling upon cars that have 3’s in one form or another. I FINALLY know what the favorite sticker in Sebastopol is for. It is this “figure” that reminds me of a spiritual symbol, but looks like it has crab hands on it. I saw it on a car in Rohnert Park today. Tipped sideways, it has a predominant 3 in it. You will know it when you see it.

This might be the same paramedic unit that took me from my apartment to PVH. I just came across them near Caulfield and McDowell tonight.

Is this a random plate or is it a personalized plate? Why couldn’t this be personalized? Below.

And the winner of the best use of stickers and emblems is:

See, this is the new and friendlier KKK. It may be comprised of different groups that have come together. Christianity, white, superiority. Yeah right.

Six pointed or five pointed stars have been used in various ways. Though, the five pointed star seems to be favored by this group who loves secrets. Do they use invisible ink? I did. When I was about 12.

Why is my complex SO much whiter than before? Eric must have been good. Just like with hiring practices, subtle, but get your “kind” in there.

Holocaust. Blame, ignorance, FEAR.

Manzanar and others: blame, ignorance, fear.

Old KKK: blame, ignorance, fear and promote fear.

New KKK: blame, too lazy to learn about other cultures and religions, instilling fear and fear. Sharia law. Sp? Really? Right. Turn to the KKK channel and only hear KKK views to reinforce your belief system and version of what is right and true.

How many years ago, and some of you are still grieving over that war. If the south had won, it still would have lost by now.

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