Think You are a “True” German or Austrian, pure French and Do You Now Let in Italians?

I have been seeing a fair number of fair people. I see the dark haired Irish with the fair skin. Unless you come from royalty, you really have no idea what your true genetic make up is.

I read that Polish people in occupied countries sometimes said they were German. So, are you going to have people take a genetic test? You know, see if they have any Slavic in then. Some have taken genetic tests and call foul when the tests show that they also have some link to Africa.

And, the Clan Of old would not let in Italians or Catholics. The Catholic part must be true since a priest just resigned because it was discovered that he was ex KKK. What about Italians? People who are Spanish – you know – from Spain? The Swiss in the Italian part of Switzerland?

Some close friends of mine had the last name of Garcia. I assumed he was Mexican. Then Terry said that he was Italian. Sure enough, looking at him with his two brothers, you could tell that they were all brothers, but two looked Italian while Don looked more Mexican. Happens. Out of all my grandmother’s siblings, she looked the most like she could have Jewish Ancestry. If she was a Scottish Jew. But – Clark. Good possibility.

Tricky thing, genetics. You just never know. I think it’s great! Growing up, I was the one who noticed that the family crest of some neighbors looked very much like my Nana’s family crest – Slocum. Sure enough, they turned out to be something like 7th cousins. By that time though all different people with a tad of this nationality or ethnic group made its way into the two Slocum families. Their children got dark hair from their dad. The Slocums on my side seemed to have blond hair. It is way too complicated for ANYONE to lay claim to being pure anything or close to pure anything – unless you live in that country and can trace your roots. In the U.S.? Jokes on you.

I love it! There is this one name on one side of the family that sounds Eastern European, but we only have either a first name or a last name.

AND if you get too cocky, go back and read the blog about Miss Deming and the poachers in her family crest.

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