Hitler and Churches and Christmas

Hitler hated Christmas. He would have gotten rid of it, but he knew the German people would not go along with this. After all, we are talking about the people who created the Christmas tree.

I was in Safeway and had a thought: Hitler saved hundreds of thousands of Christmas trees. Wow! What a guy. He decimated hundreds of thousand Jews along with Gypsies, Jehovah’sWitnesses, Poles, Gays, crippled, AND as it turns out a relatively small number of pastors who stood up to him.

But, though he wanted to destroy Christmas and Christmas trees, he saved hundreds of thousand in the meanwhile. Churches had to put up Swastikas and take down crosses. Hitler hated the Bible and religion. In his new religion, he was the savior. Makes sense. An egomaniac can only love himself. So, all of those who think Hitler was Christian. Nope. He wanted to destroy all religions, and be the central figure and the God of his empire.

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