California, There is a Fungus Among Us

Yep! Right here in California. It is here in River City or P Town or Petaluma. Definition: Has appeared or grown rapidly and is considered unpleasant or unattractive. Agreed! However, I think the growth has been steady – it is the: ALT RIGHT!

But, the KKK used to hide behind their hoods and meet in secret. No hoods, and I believe that there are those who are afraid to be outed.

You see. It is not the 1800’s or 1930’s or 1950’s. It is 2017. Technology is everywhere. The KKK is no longer the boogeyman. No way! Someone younger than me laughed at how lame The Birds is. I could understand people believing that War of the Worlds on the radio was real. But, someone who has not lived without 100s of stations? No. There was no TV. Now there is the internet. Someone can real time have you on You Tube.

Or, can again see a 49er CRV with its flags a flying go get Money at the credit union. See those three stickers? The above picture is off topic and was a funny diversion.


You far, far right Evangelicals. You really want to be associated with the leader who was glad the lady who got hit by the car died? Oh, but it is for your children, right? They have the right to grow up with their own kind and in their culture. Which one? Which culture?

No, as soon as your ancestors stepped foot on this soil with the intent of being part of this grand experiment, they left some of their culture behind – even if it was a teeny bit and was given up a bit reluctantly (unless you have the high honor of being a Native People) . You see, the white people who came here were trying to escape persecution. The colonies broke away from England because the people no longer wanted to be ruled by a king. The Constitution was created to protect the people of these United States. There were 13 states and the laws varied from one state to another. Most often the laws were created to adhere to the religious beliefs of the people who ran the state. The Baptists were persecuted. They wanted separation of church and state. They got it. No, the United States was NEVER a country united by one Christian religion.

Along the way, WE as a nation accepted the right of all people who live here to practice the religion they want to or to not practice any religion. You want to go back to the King’s religion? We accepted that people can believe what they want unless those beliefs have the potential to harm someone (terrorists of any culture or race). Along the way we stumbled – like listening to McCarthey and his Commey scare tactics and agreeing to Manzanar.

What is your culture? It sure as hell ain’t Aryan. Unless you are a descendent of the Indo Europeans. The word comes from ancient India and Iran. Hitler liked the sound I guess.

You live in the US and you consider yourself “white”? How long has your family been in this country? Hey, the name Schweitzer is about as German as you can get. Probably what my ancestral name was or closely related. Have you even LOOKED at a family tree? IF my grandfather had been from Germany, that would only make me 1/4th German. But, he wasn’t. That branch of the family. Well, some came in the 1700’s. I am a white mutt and proud of it. Most of you claiming to be Nordic or Scottish or German? Unless you can say that your family recently came from one of those countries, give it up.

I am: Scottish and English and Scottish Jew (most likely), German, English, someone was related to the baby on the Mayflower, some came with William Penn. Who knows where all those people’s spouses came from. A true family tree is not this neat trunk with orderly branches coming off. You are only following the one teeny branch that had all these stray little but very important twigs coming in. It is more like a root system.

Nope, it is not really a family tree, but a wonderful family spider web. Believe me – I know. In my family we know what first cousins and removed cousins are.

So, the fungus among us are those who want to turn this country into a white Christian Country. I think you are in the wrong country. I think you also underestimate the people of this country. Oh, the fungi that make up the fungus are breaking the law to push forward their cause.

So, THAT is one reason they don’t want people who know who they are. They also don’t want their ethnic friends or relatives to know – not even those who share the same religious beliefs. There are religious beliefs and then there are those who want to push their beliefs onto everyone else. I have one evee relative and she would be appalled to know what you are up to.

Any of you have non white bosses? Oh, you are allowed to be a member of a group, but that doesn’t mean that those around you will take this kind of membership lightly. Nope. Deadly serious. You don’t think so? Naive too I guess.

Have you been around any of the truly hard core Nor Cal or OR KKKers? I think I have. Didn’t bother me, but I have no doubt they would not have thought twice about using whatever to get their way. Brutish is the best term I have. Nothing about where they are from or what they do – the gruffness that is not a bluff, but comes from within.

How many laws have you broken over the last oh – 20-30 years to get and keep whites who think like you in their fields?


On the way back.

See the car missing a light. That is intended to harass.

I ended up in the CVS lot laughing harder than I had in a long time. I was laughing at the difference a second makes.

Had I been one second later documenting that harassment, someone would have won the bet. Seriously. You have to read back some posts to read between the lines.

You had to be there.

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