No, Out of State Plates in Sonoma County in These Numbers Are NOT The Norm as One Person at Enterprise Tried to Say. Really?

Oh – These are only the ones that I took pictures of. I saw more. I have seen one or two from Texas every day for a while now. 6 weeks? Not sure.

These are the out of state plates for the month of December through December 15th. I’ve lived in California most of my life and have spent my fair share of time coming up North when I lived down south and going down South since I have lived in Petaluma. I’ve played the states’ plate game. It’s hard to play anymore because of air travel. What in the world is there to see in Sonoma County in December? Family. Well, all of a sudden that many people from that far away traveled here by CAR this time of year. Yeah. Right. That is what the man at Enterprise Car Rental would have me believe.

I had my car worked on a Brodie’s across the street. I drove the rental car in and immediately noticed the out of state plates. Had I pulled in the other way,  I might not have noticed………..but probably would have. Something was not normal. I drove around to the other side (north) to drop off the car. The lot was full – plus. I mentioned all the out of state plates to the man at the Enterprise desk. He indicated that people come from all over. I had never seen the lot even half as full as this.

Oops – repeated two. Does Hawaii have a rainbow on it?

Oh, I sure do like road trips, but snow trips? Hell, no. Now, if I were in AZ I might see out of state plates belonging to Snow Birds.

Duplicated one. Sure is easier working with plates from other states. It was interesting seeing a few plates from the same state at local Petaluma eateries. Sweet.

One is a different view of the same car.

Texas. There are some fine people in Texas I am sure. However, I don’t believe that the Texans driving these cars are mighty fine people. They belong to the “my belief system is better than anyone else’s belief system – or skin color , or …………..We all like to belong, but it takes a special kind of being brainwashed, conditioning, hate, feeling superior to be able to stomp on others’ rights. The same kind of brainwashed, conditioning, hate, feeling superior that has killed more people in the world than …………………..anything I believe.

Did these cars only stop here, or did they stop along the way? Just wondering. Have no idea. I get so ………………what is the word? A feeling of satisfaction that maybe I have connected some dots……………Disgusting can’t be exciting. Or I would rather not describe it as so. However, when I saw Tennessee down below with the dog paw – national symbol for God perhaps, and a few other tells…………..well, there were some dots connected. A bear seems to be a common theme.


So, some of the following and perhaps up above were at Enterprise. After inquiring again about the number of out of state plates, the Enterprise employee said that they come in waves or some such description. Right. There were cars – old and new all around the lot. Interesting how in the back there were so many that they were in two rows – against the fence and one row in front of those. I managed to get light to the back. Just barely in some cases.

Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Cotati, the 101 Freeway………..So, Charlottesville was just one indication that what were considered splinter groups might come together. Biker groups are finding out that they are not so unlike KKK groups. There are KKK biker groups…….and non KKK biker groups………….but Harley Davidson seems to be a common theme………….the wings and all that. Like eagle wings.

Duplicating some I am sure. And there is the full view of Tennessee. Christian fish, crosses, etc. seem to be the theme. Like Hitler? The KKK is supposed to. Did you know that Hitler wanted to do away with Christmas? You see, in my opinion, an egomaniac can only have people worshiping one thing – him. I guess there are hers………………..Hitler knew that trying to get German people to give up Christmas trees was impossible. So, he discouraged stars and some people actually had grenade ornaments.

May have repeated……………….the bent up Oregon plate was pretty close to the front in the Enterprise lot. Oh yeah. A rental. Yep. More variety the past few weeks. The leaders before were Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and some Washington…………………Utah, but mostly in the summer. Dakotas and Montana – a few in the summer. Notice a trend? Most people do not want to drive through all that snow.. More Georgia than some others. Probably a few at least from more states – not so much the North East. Midwest? Upper Midwest? Not a lot.

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