BEST EVER BRIGHTING/STALKING VIDEO – by ignorant White Supremacists in Sonoma County, California

So 9:20 last night NOTHING GOING ON. No kids around from a practice or a game. Nope. I had decided that after someone started the “empty” car next to me, that I would film cars – only if something seemed off. Boy was this off.

I will repost that video when I can. Meanwhile, I have been thinking that there has to be a bet on which law enforcement group will give me THE ticket. Boy, did Petaluma try at 4:45 tonight. I know the Police Department is right where I was, but 4 or 5 vehicles? I wonder what a look at the hiring practices by Law Enforcement, Post Office, UPS and more in Sonoma County is? Do they ever audit to check and see if qualified Latinos have a chance. I was thrilled when I started seeing more African Americans here. I knew that would throw the good ol’ boys into hissy fits!

I think there is a 99% chance that one of the vehicles was the white knight and one was the pick up. WHY now? Was it the video I posted? They were all just cruisin’ along. Just wondering. I very legally audio recorded the numbers.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Hiding in plain sight among their ilk. Makes perfect sense. Sebastopol, so liberal, except when it comes to minorities. Yep, the white flight charter schools. Not all.

Many white people (not all) are the scourge of this nation. You wait. There are plenty of us who are humiliated to be associated with the likes of you! Poor white folks. Jefferson was a Deist.


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