Sometimes I Look at Car and Say To Myself, Really? KKK Tells

REALLY? Absolutely no reason for that tape.

License plate angled. What a crime. It is a Mustang.

I am positive that I took a picture of this before. I don’t think it was in Petaluma.

I have to say something. I was trying to figure out how to explain to someone just how unusual it is to see so many out of state plates. I have traveled thousands of miles in California and multiple states.

I have lived in Sonoma County for 21 years. Petaluma, CA. I worked at Disneyland when I was young and went there once a year or more for decades. In the summer at Disneyland, I might expect to see this many out of state plates. Nowadays, across the country people would fly. Then there is Walt Disney World. Still, Texas is not that common to see. Really???

In my lifetime, I have NEVER seen this many plates from Texas. It is December. I have been seeing at least one plate a day from Texas for weeks. Also, this is Petaluma in Sonoma County in December. I don’t see this many personalized plates in the summer driving down and back from NOR CAL to SO CAL.

In CA, if you go near someone with the intent to cause fear or discomfort-well, that IS stalking.

Out of state? Drive interstate or in or out of Indian territory. Using a computer to communicate is a BIG no, no. Most cell phones would be considered computers.

Speaking of out of state plates. ? Really? This time of year? This many? Why in the world so many from Texas?

These were taken in the Applebee’s area in Petaluma, CA.

Moving on to Target starting around 7.

Traveling to downtown and then to the Applebee’s/Kohl’s Center.

Out of state plates. How about personalized plates sighted today. I did not leave to go out until 3:30.

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