KKK, 51st State of Jefferson, Regular, License Plates. Which Ones Have KKK WHITE Supremacist Tells – Telling Each Other who They Are

Here I go:

The Volt is just random. Three of anything. Three heart beats? Dog equals God. Anything religious. Angel. By themselves? But, Really?

Bernie Sanders. They voted for Trump and are hoping for Pence. A family sticker of any kind particularly if there are other stickers.

Mostly random plates heading downtown, but one light out or definitely brighter is ALT RIGHT

Random, But those three stickers jump out. The stiff arm. When I am around.

I have seen Cal West Rentals. A LOT.

Keep Tahoe Blue is true blue. Is keep Tahoe WHITE. I see it a LOT! So, do they go to Meeks Bay? The Forest service had the LOCAL Native Peoples run this fantastic place.

Stiff arm plus oh shot look. JEEP, JEEP THE Vehicle of the KKK. And random. Probably including this real tourist family – Not white

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