Y’all Come Back Now Ya Hear – Strange Sight at Motel 6 in Petaluma, California in Nor Cal

Almost missed this. Three dog prints or three God prints? There are more, but I saw two. How did I know there would be a third?

Well, with all these out of staters in town, they have to stay somewhere.

To the lady using the lip gloss at Lily Kai’s restaurant: I said that out loud. I do that. It is SO easy peasy Lemon Squeezy to do listen in on a phone. The feds did that to some mob people years back. Oh. I said something about finding my lip gloss and it was here all the time.

At Starbucks. There was a 73% chance that I would see you people. Oh crud. I am so bad with remembering names AND numbers. I think it was a 95% chance that I would have two of you all pull right up in front of me.

So, did I say that the paw prints were at Motel 6? That would be one way to say that all you KKK ers are welcome here.

That Jeep. Does it belong to someone important? Or just someone interested in KKK codes or tells.

The elongated skull

A skull

Yep. I don’t think they get it. Bet they don’t even know what I mean.

Company that started these flags is not happy that this one has been adopted by the KKK.

No doubt in my mind after this that the “ribbons” are used by the KKK – an X. Some people just put these on. Others use them for a vile cause.

Notice the two X’s in the circle? A map of CA or the words NOR CAL are enough. Yep, my guess is right. They really want NOR CAL. The real NOR CAL starts up above. Look at a map. Oh. I didn’t blame NOR CAL for wanting to break off because of SO CAL’s wasteful ways. New homes and grass.

Sadly yes. You see, they believe that only “Good white folk” can be true Christians. Boy, they interpret Jesus differently than real good Christian people.

They have been buzzing around my car. Irritating flies. Bout six all told.

Interesting. There is one group that is known for boots with certain color of laces. Red or another color.

Don’t Tread on Me is one. Sadly so is a Marine emblem. More than any armed service group that I have seen. There is something back in history. I hope the non KKK Marines step up.

Does this include ALL vets. No way! Bet you hate those movies that show that Natives, Japanese Americans, African Americans, Hispanic and other veterans have the RIGHT STUFF and MORE OF IT!

FOX OR THE FOX is a KKK/White Supremacist tell. I saw it with two other stickers. Fox makes three. Oh how sweet.

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