Semi Trucks Using ALL SPOKEY WHEELS? And Maybe a Few More Tells

Now I know what detective work is. The kind you read about where the person doing the detecting looks, then looks, then looks again until Suddenly the pieces fall into place.

These trucks have been parked parallel to Kohl’s for ….. a bit. I have noticed them when I go to the Kohl’s lot.

Tell ya. It is a blessing and a curse to notice things. God must have given me this while s/he was taking away the piece that helps someone retain names. Men decided what books to put in the Bible. Ooooh. Aaaah. Right. 14 months.

Going to be a mish mash of pics, but all from trucks on street parallel to Kohl’s going back to the fitness place.

Not Sure where, but one truck even has stickers. There are so many numbers on these trucks, that Tells could be hidden in those. See, coming north in March, I came up the 5. These idiots surround a target so that the target feels like they are everywhere. Threes trucks and a car tried to box me in, but the car ended up being boxed in. Oops. Took a while for the truckers to move apart to let the car out. I was supposed to be boxed in, but that had happened in Sonoma County. Oh these damn flies are buzzing by.

Tilted plate AND 000

THERE ARE NOT THAT MANY SHOPPERS IN KOHLS. NOPE. Not enough movement of cars. Not for harried Christmas shoppers. And not on a Friday night. It is open until one. When I do a sweep of the parking lot, one of the teeny people will have been saying, “Oh SHIT” in his head as he knows that I got his car and saw it was me.

I call it, “That Oh Shit Look”. 😦

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