51st State. What Do The Two XX’s Stand For? Uhhh- Thomas Jefferson’s Christianity Would Not Be Accepted by Those Trying to Form That State. AND How Far South Do You Want to Go?

I have been seeing a lot of flannel shirts. I agree that they are underrepresented, but breaking the law by stalking someone and using NO TOHCH TORTURE developed by the Stasi is abominable. Are there people in Sonoma County who want to join in the revolt? Yes, white country folk may not be represented, but what percentage of you have traveled to????? Other than white country places? Yes, it works both ways. Oh, do YOU have semi automatic problems in your parts of the country? I get your right to have guns, but do you know what a semi automatic gun is, and what it can be made to do? I heard that most Americans have no idea.

Wow! I Was Right But Did Not Know It! I Keep Asking if You People Know That Jefferson Was a Deist? His leanings were more towards Unitarian. He even went to church in a multi denominational setting. Wrong Name!!! XX

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