Petaluma, California – Lots Of Out Of Staters Visiting – White Supremacists and the Like

I am only going to post the Out Of State Plates for now. I am still laughing. Hey, ya gotta laugh – particularly at fools. First, I go to turn around at the fairgrounds in Petaluma, California. I just stumble onto these hidey holes. Though there were so many cars at the fairground lot that they weren’t doing a good job of hiding.

Then, I go to Trader Joe’s. I finally go to park, turn down a row to swing into the second spot in. Oh heavens. My lights are shining right on a Texas Plate. I am sure the young couple were thinking, “Oh, shit.”

I had to put that really hard to read Plate here. I mean, that was a challenge. I have trained myself. I done good.

To the honorable one. I thought it sounded Jewish. No, I would put UN in front of your name. I knew as soon as I saw your car. Takes no more than a few seconds to take papers from the printer.

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