Records Broken on This Day Continued Again

I want to put some of the most blatant and ugly symbols here- out of order.

Yes, the Marine Corp and I see some other military groups. It is really hard for me to say anything. It just makes me very sad. Supposed to fight for all citizens’ freedom. Now – I have seen a LOT of fire companies. That makes me extremely sad also. I was hoping that they would drop out, but no. My guess is that for years, some of the groups/businesses/postal and delivery groups have been hiring those like them. Not just in color but philosophy. At least in places where they can get away with it.

Liberal Sonoma County? For some, it is only if you are white and “Christian”. How hate and 666 and Hitler can be Christian? Well, they can’t. Those don’t go along with any spiritual, teaching love and how to live a balanced life religion at all: Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hopi, Hindu, and real Christians – who follow Jesus’s teachings. And others. Nope. The pure, good, guiding religions. Not the twisted ones like the KKK and ISIS push – different? Somewhat. The same? Preying On disenfranchised college age kids. Sonoma State.

Rohnert Park and heading to Petaluma on the 101 freeway. I think highway stickers are used because they are put on “shields”.

I believe this should be coming from Adobe Road heading west towards McDowell in Petaluma this Wednesday night. I believe I show the time. It is not a major commute time. Yes, the Neo Nazis and others are here.


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