Records Broken by KKK, Alt Right, far far right Evangelicals, Extremists from various and sundry churches continued even further. CONTINUATION

Blatant KKK symbol. Lila’s or whatever the name of the large Mexican supermarket in Petaluma by Trader Joe’s. I DO NOT remember names. At first there were s these White Power people and I think they spread horrid rumors about me. The cars I saw were probably mostly local with cars getting off the 101 to take a detour for their cause.

I kept posting more and more of what I saw. Then there were some out of state people. Now, there are a LOT of out of state people. Am I that important a person. Nope, but the East Germans used techniques called No Touch Torture and I think these KKK/Alt Right people have used these tactics to drive people over the edge or discredit them.

they don’t want people to know that, like in Charlottesville, various KKK groups and other over the top and right on the edge groups are joining together. I could be wrong….but I don’t think so.

Maybe some groups are using the opportunity to come west and plan strategies. Doubts? Go to West County. Or, check out the traffic in Petaluma and Rohnert Park – Near Safeway and Cotati Near Oliver’s Market.

I bet if someone checked out these personal plates you would find that these people are from all over. Not so much a while back. Used tricks to make it seem like they were from all over but they weren’t. Now, I think it is very unlikely that all of these personalized plates are from Sonoma County and Marin County.

Look for stickers in sets of threes. Write the Anti Defamation League. I tried to find a Mexican / Latino rights group, but haven’t so far.

Petaluma to Cotati.

petaluma To Cotati To Rohnert Park. I picked up a Pepsi at Taco Bell in Rohnert Park at lunch.

66, 33, 8 1966 There was an attack by Klansmen on the house of a man and his family. Many sons were veterans. The black activist died, but he died from injuries received getting his family out of the house. His crime: using his business next to his house to help black persons sign up to vote. No mean feat during that time. Jim Crow laws. I think I have that right. I put together something on a license with that date. ??

Tennessee. Wow! The Sam tells or symbols were on this truck as I see here. I see a dog paw – God, a Harley sticker, and the Jesus fish.

6 3 On two cars in Rohnert Park Near Safeway.

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