Records Broken by KKK, Alt Right, Etc. Continued

So, until recently I couldn’t get my videos to upload onto WordPress. They have improved it sooo much. Yes, there were 43 vehicles in the business area behind OSH in Petaluma CA. This is where I live. I work in Rohnert Park, CA.

I put my name and the name of the apartment complex where I live on some flyers that I passed out to non “white” people. I tell the people I give these to: “Don’t Trust any white people.” I don’t want to be connected in any way to the ignorant, self righteous, bigoted, “people” out there. Ironically, I do check the white box. Dang.

I put this in because I was trying to explain yin yang to some people. Look at the s in co exist. After Charlottesville, I started making connections to all types of “Tells” that I had seen previously. I was shocked to find out that the yin yang symbol has been used by the Klan for decades.

More recently, part of yin yang was dropped, so the red drop was left. The red drop, like a drop of blood stands for the KKK.

Personal and out of state plates.

FYI I have been seeing 1-2 Texas plates every day. Now, I notice when things are different. It is not normal for me to see this many out of state plates during my normal driving EVER around here and definitely NOT this time of year. Tennessee. Nope. Nada. Niet.

I put the out of service bus here, because it should not have been here. It is not a city or county or airport bus. I think the idea is to make the “target” constantly feel like something isn’t right. Problem is that I have been there and done that in 2013. So, these little ants have no effect on me now. Oh yeah, they take up my time, but there is no one better suited to document what these dweebs do. Just a fact. From my experience. I am also highly motivated by those in my family who fought in WWII, were disturbed by the camps like Manzanar. People who inspire.

I think that is a Golden Gate Transit Bus. Really?!

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