DWEEBS, LED by the KKK – Alt Right , Nationalists, Neo pro white Evangelicals, ……

What I said about creepy. Yeah, meant to be creepy. But, you are mindless dweebs – Ants. Don’t think for yourselves. Only read something that promotes your ignorant thoughts. Only listen to people and radio that promote your ignorant thoughts. Yep! Oh, the bikes and cars that make noise. Like little kids stomping their feet.

Cotati has the worst cell service. Has anyone noticed the influx of trucks in town. If there were more COEXIST stickers with yin yang that is code for Nazi blood drop. And more Wild and Wacky Cars Of Sonoma – well, golly. I might think I was out West County way.

On Adrian this evening. KKK AND ASSORTED ILK WHO DON’T like me.


NOW THAT is a KKK skull

Yes. Something like it used in Charlottesville, but with a variation. Like it is set on a large piece of wood. Comic, but with a nasty twist.

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