Today – Mostly the Current Gathering KKK and al place

As I was saying before my post disappeared when I was in the Oliver’s lot. Oliver’s is great. It just happens to be in the center of KKK AND Alt Right convergence right now. Santa Rosa to the north, 101 offramps, 116 from West County. 12 from West County and Napa County. Stoney Point et al.

Oh, there is my post. So. Just so’s ya know. I know where and how and who. That line a while back was almost verbatim what I read about Alt White thinking. I haven’t been doing this job off and on for almost 42 years w/o knowing how to punt. 32 little ones. Very diverse little ones. I would NOT have it any other way. All white. So pre slavery. Oh no. Uh. Never. You can all take the genetic test and go back to where you white people came from. You manifest destiny ignorant white people. I would love to know how you are dealing with the language barrier. Oh?! Nope. Professionals who are not super adept at learning languages will not get a professional job. See. SDAIE teachers. Did you learn the difference between BICS and CALPS. McDonalds for you it is.

Rude people at Oliver’s

Shined their lights and shined their lights. Li and behold! One from the Lone Star Star.

See the red and orange stripes. Same as what I saw on that vehicle in Rohnert Park near the Pizza Place. That makes three. Colors on the current German flag.

Next. Taken within about ten seconds.


Didn’t I just see this?

also, there aren’t too many trucks with the three balls. No comment. For now.

I didn’t think too much of this car until I saw a zombie lady.

One butterfly I saw reminded of an X. Not this one. AAA/KKK. ?

My, my. Never seen SO many out of state plates. Maybe traveling across country.

What is to keep someone from ordering a personalized plate that does not look personalized. 999. It is just SO amazing that I have seen so many plates with 3 of something.

What if people have been hiring others based on religion or White group affiliation. Separation of church and….?????

Wow! Why would FOUR Sonoma County Transit buses be parked in a merge left lane across from Sonoma State? Don’t have a Christmas party planned?

Disney is a Tell along with the antenna balls.

See that skull with the long jaw. Yep.

Oh. Disney Chick.

Like how my patio at Capri Creek is coming along.

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