Sonoma County Racist Groups – Joining Forces? Still Gangstalking Those in the Know

.Photos did not copy, but those will be easy to add.

The Charlottesville demonstration/conflict was unusual in that previously separate groups came together. What If the same idea has taken root in many areas of the United States? I have been harassed by vehicles for a year and I have taken pictures. I did not know what I had been seeing until after Charlottesville.
La demostración de Charlottesville fue inusual en el sentido de que grupos previamente separados se reunieron. ¿Qué pasa si la misma idea se ha arraigado en muchas áreas de los Estados Unidos? Estuve acosada por vehículos durante un año y tomé fotos. No sabía lo que había estado viendo hasta después de Charlottesville.
Charlottesville Eagle Sonoma County Eagle on vehicle

Charlottesville: Shields and Nazi Cross; crossed hammers, Totenheif: used by Hitler Sonoma County, Petaluma

Acura has that “Harley Davidson” sticker that is not an approved/real Harley sticker. Harley only has four or five approved ones. The bike clubs and KKK/Neo Nazi gangs are finding out that they have some things in common. There are now KKK type bike clubs. I see Harley Davidson real and fake stickers all over, particularly west county. A Nazi tell?

The skull with a helmet is on that Jeep. Tinklebell is also. Anti-Defamation League

After Chalottesville, I realized that maybe I had been seeing things used in groups of three for KKK Sonoma County 111, 1+2 VI=6 Just a truck with: 33/6
33/6 The number 33 is used by Ku Klux Klan adherents to signify the Ku Klux Klan plus 6 eras of Klan

Truck 101 Petaluma Supposed to be a transport vehicle Eagle from a vehicle, Sonoma County

Hiding in plain sight. First there was the Cross and it had a yin yang symbol (1900s). Then part of the yin yang was dropped leaving only part which looks like a drop of blood. In West County Sonoma, the COEXIST stickers are all over. Many harassing vehicles have coexist. That didn’t make sense until after Charlottesville. In Coexist, the s is replaced by yin yang.
Safeway lot, Rohnert Park, December 1, 2017. There were a couple of trucks stopped and 6-7 guys were talking. Three of them started walking to the pizza parlor to the left of Safeway. They had matching shirts on. Unusual looking. I pondered from a KKK standpoint. BC, TBC. Finally, I realized that the left side line was more of a branch – Like the laurel branch used by the Nazi’s. If you take out the laurel branch, you have 3C. Well, phonetically, C can make the same sound as K. 3K.


The hand symbol was made when I was sitting on a curb after the Butter and Eggs Parade. Until Charlottesville, I had not looked up KKK symbols. This could be a loose attempt at an ASL W which is the first letter for White Power. 13 months and doing fine.

Other tells? : AAA for KKK; anything zombie, cute or zombie family in back window, NOTW, cancer ribbons on side for X, yellow = on blue with reverse meaning: not equal, Monster logo – discounted by SNOPES and Monster, but seen in West County a LOT, frogs, Froggy Radio.

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